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Comments from the Midland Cultural Centre Quest Art Gallery Show
Opening of "The Bay: Moving Waters"
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Local wins Mayor's Choice award in Toronto
An Explosion of Colour and Feeling, written by Jennifer Harker
Comments from the Midland Cultural Centre Quest Art Gallery Show
The Bay: Moving Waters "Compelling! The rare formalist who has managed to "draw me in". I love standing back and moving in close to equal degrees. What could/would this form and content be if it were political? Well yes, it can be read as fascination for the nature that we are gradually destroying. But above all, it makes me think that... beauty's back! Thanks." Dena Davida, Performing Arts Curator, Montreal

"New! Luminous! Stunning! - love the media." C Keith "I first discovered your work at your Claustro exhibit and I fell in love with your style. Very inspiring!" Brittney Robinson "Very impressive works." P. MacLeod "Beautiful Work! (very envious)" K Robson "Stunning artwork!" "Amazing!!" "Just Amazing" "Comme Si Comme Sa" "Jennifer, What a remarkable Show. Be proud! Very Proud!!" Kyle Winters "Beautiful artwork! As usuall! You sure know how to capture the serenity!!" Lise Maintenay and Jason Batchelor "The pictures that Mum showed me just didn't do the work justice! So glad we got to see everything in person!" Whitney Lee and Andrew Shantz "Beautiful and inspirational as always. Amazing!" Andre Maintenay "Wonderful work! Your artwork is so full of depth and colour - truly excellent!" Melissa "Jen, your talent amazes me! I am so proud of the fact that you have learned how to capture your imagination and be able to express yourself so beautifully. Absolutely love it all!!" Cindy Lee "Ever creative, colourful, inspiring and moving." Addie Prowse "The work you have displayed here is absolutely fanstastic. I especially enjoy the one of the wake of a boat - the bold strokes contrasting to the silver and white is breathtaking." M. Reed "It's a delight to view your work, Jennifer. A combination of artistry and industry with a distinctive style of its own." The Parsons