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Carnival Jewels Door and Series!
I am very pleased to announce that my door, "Carnival Jewels" is part of the Orillia "Streets Alive" Productions, and is now on the Auction Block!  Should you wish to purchase this door,  Bidding (via email) starts at $750 for each door. If there are no other interested parties and no other email bids, you can own a Door for the $750 price. If someone else expresses interest, the bid goes up by $25 increments, until it is sold to the highest bidder. (Bidding ends on October 31). Lesley Fournier keeps track and will update you if there are other bidders. Send email bids to

As well, I have designed and started a series of mixed media paintings called JEWEL CARNIES which reflect the style of the door.  These are much smaller "take away" ideas, for sale.  You can find these images under the 2015 folio.